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MYSTAYS HOTEL MANAGEMENT started out in July 1999 with the management and maintenance of weekly rental condominiums, then in 2005 entered the hotel industry with the “MYSTAYS” brand. Since then, we have expanded our business further to include hotel development and consulting, centered around outsourced operations. Now, as MYSTAYS Hotel Group, we operate more than 100 hotels all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, offering various brands such as accommodation-specialized hotels, full-service urban hotels, resort hotels, hot spring resorts, and residence-type facilities with furniture and home appliances that can accommodate lodgers from one night to medium- and long-term stays.

Company Profile

Address Roppongi Hills North Tower 14th Floor, 6-2-31 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0032
Just above Exit 3 of Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
Only 3 minutes' walk from Exit 1 of Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line.
TEL: +81(0)3-3434-3939 » Click here for map
Established July 8, 1999
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Representative Shunsuke Yamamoto, Chairman and Representative Director
Ryoichi Shirota, President and Representative Director
Business Hotel operation and management
146 properties 21,314 rooms (as of July 31st, 2023)
Employees 7,148 employees (as of April 30th, 2023)
Commission Sales 14,073,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2014)
18,566,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2015)
39,104,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2016)
53,703,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2017)
63,386,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2018)
74,414,000,000 yen (Year ended December 31, 2019)
* Information under the COVID-19 pandemic not provided since 2020


1999 July 8Company established as Weekly Mansion Tokyo
2005 AugustHOTEL MYSTAYS Maihama opened, launching our full-scale hotel business.
April 1Company name changed from Weekly Mansion Tokyo Co., Ltd., to Flexstay Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
August 30HOTEL MYSTAYS Utsunomiya opened.
April 1FLEXSTAY INN Higashi-Ueno rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Ueno-Iriyaguchi.
HOTEL MYSTAYS Ueno was renamed HOTEL MYSTAYS Ueno-Inaricho.
July 28Company name changed from Flexstay Hotel Management Co., Ltd., to MYSTAYS HOTEL MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd.
September 26HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda grand open
November 1TOKO HOTEL operation takeover
November 23HOTEL MYSTAYS Kanazawa grand open
April 1FLEXSTAY INN Shinsaibashi rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Shinsaibashi.
July 30Castle Inn Kanazawa operation takeover
August 24TOKO HOTEL rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Gotanada Staion.
October 30KITA HOTEL operation takeover
December 1Beppu Kamenoi Hotel operation takeover
December 17Hotel Royal Authentic operation takeover
2016 March 1HOTEL UENO EAST operation takeover
Naqua Hotels & Resorts Management Co.,Ltd. and Art Hotels Co., Ltd. as a part of our company group.
March 18Hotel Nord Otaru operation takeover
April 1HOTEL UENO EAST rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Ueno East.
Castle Inn Kanazawa rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Kanazawa Castle.
April 27KITA HOTEL rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park.
June 1MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae grand open.
Hotel Royal Authentic rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Tachikawa.
July 30HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Akasaka grand open.
August 25Hakodate Kokusai Hotel operation takeover.
September 1Sapporo Aspen Hotel operation takeover.
Hotel Nikko Yaeyama operation takeover.
October 1ART HOTEL Niigata Station operation takeover.
ART HOTEL Joetsu operation takeover.
ART HOTELS Sapporo rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park.
ART HOTELS Asahikawa rebranded as ART HOTEL Asahikawa.
Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki rebranded as ART HOTEL Hirosaki City.
ART HOTELS Hamamatsucho rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Hamamatsucho.
HOTEL MYSTAYS Kanazawa rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Kanazawa.
October 12HOTEL MYSTAYS Yokohama Kannai grand open.
HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Station operation takeover.
HOTEL MYSTAYS Oita operation takeover.
Sapporo Aspen Hotel rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen.
November 1HOTEL SONIA Otaru operation takeover.
December 14HOTEL MYSTAYS Fuji Onsen Resort grand open.
February 1Hotel Kaiko Sapporo Nakajima Park operation takeover.
April 1Hotel Nikko Yaeyama rebranded as ART HOTEL Ishigakijima.
April 30Hotel Kaiko Sapporo Nakajima Park rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park Annex.
July 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Matsuyama operation takeover.
August 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Dojima operation takeover.
HOTEL Kaiko Sapporo operation takeover.
September 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Nayoro operation takeover.
December 13HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi grand open.
January 16Hotel Cent Cosmo operation takeover.
Cent Inn Nibankan operation takeover.
February 1HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Narita operation takeover.
NARA ROYAL HOTEL operation takeover.
March 10HOTEL MYSTAYS Dojima rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Dojima.
March 20Hotel Cent Cosmo rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Kagoshima Tenmonkan.
Cent Inn Nibankan rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Kagoshima Tenmonkan Annex.
March 29Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower operation takeover.
May 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Hakodate Goryokaku operation takeover.
July 2Hotel Kaiko Sapporo rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Susukino.
July 5HOTEL MYSTAYS Nagoya Nishiki operation takeover.
July 30Hotel Higashinihon Morioka operation takeover.
Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako operation takeover.
October 15Hotel New Tagawa Kokura operation takeover.
December 1Hotel New Tagawa Kokura rebranded as ART HOTEL Kokura New Tagawa.
December 15Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako rebranded as Tazawako Lake Resort & Onsen.
December 28Fusaki Resort Village rebranded as FUSAKI BEACH RESORT HOTEL&VILLAS.
2019 March 10Hotel Higashinihon Morioka rebranded as ART HOTEL Morioka.
March 18Art Hotel Aomori operation takeover.
April 1Art Hotel Oita operation takeover.
HOTEL MYSTAYS Shimizu operation takeover.
Kusatsu Onsen Daitokan operation takeover.
Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Resort operation takeover.
April 27Tateshina Grand Hotel Takinoyu operation takeover.
May 16HOTEL MYSTAYS Aomori Station operation takeover.
September 9FLEXSTAY INN Kiyosumi Shirakawa rebranded as HOTEL MYSTAYS Kiyosumi Shirakawa.
September 30Art Hotel Kagoshima operation takeover.
November 1Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER takeover.
2020 March 2Hotel Sky Tower Miyazaki Ekimae takeover.
April 1Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso takeover.
Komagatake Grand Hotel takeover.
Makado Kanko Hotel takeover.
Nagomi no Yado, Hime-no-Yu takeover.
2021 June 1 Hotel Sky Tower Miyazaki Ekimae rebranded as ART HOTEL Miyazaki Sky Tower.
Kirishima Kokusai Hotel takeover.
Hotel Lungwood takeover.
August 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Hiroshima Peace Park takeover.
September 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Okayama takeover.
November 5FLEXSTAY INN Hakodate Station takeover.
November 25HOTEL MYSTAYS Kanazawa Katamachi takeover.
December 1Hotel Lungwood rebranded as ART HOTEL Nippori Lungwood.
2022 February 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Soga takeover.
March 1Shiobara Onsen Yashio Lodge takeover.
April 1Nikko Yunishigawa Heike Honjin takeover.
April 5JP Resort Izukogen and 30 Kanpo no Yado facilities including Kanpo no Yado Atami (Main Building) takeover.
Atagawa Ocean Resort takeover.
July 1 Kanpo no Yado rebranded as KAMENOI HOTEL.
Beppu Kamenoi Hotel rebranded as KAMENOI HOTEL BEPPU.
JP Resort Izukogen rebranded as KAMENOI HOTEL IZUKOGEN.
ART HOTEL Narita takeover.
Irago Ocean Resort takeover.
August 31HOTEL MYSTAYS Kumamoto Riverside takeover.
December 16Hotel New Akao takeover.
2023 March 1HOTEL MYSTAYS Nishi Shinjuku takeover.
July 1Hotel New Akao Ocean Wing opened.
July 31HOTEL MYSTAYS Atsugi takeover.

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