Outsourcing Operations (Outsourcing Contracts)

Under this method, the owner retains ownership of real estate (land and property) and provides necessary furnishings.

With outsourced management of specialized accommodation facilities, ancillary equipment is limited, so we expect a low loss factor, high returns, and stable earnings/profits.

We pay the owner an amount based on monthly revenue minus management fees (including labor costs) and our management outsourcing fees. We also provide performance reports with our comprehensive reporting system.

Property management involves legal inspections, maintenance and the formulation of proposals and plans for redecoration. We manage the work performed based on the annual budget, and we report to the property owners when each project is complete.

The owner's earnings constitute total revenues minus operating expenses. Accordingly, earnings are dependent on market trends and season. Although earnings are not stable, high earnings are possible.


Lease Management (Managerial Outsourcing-type Lease Contract)

Property management is handled under a lease agreement as with the outsourcing operations described above.
The contract can be take the form of either a lease or a fixed-term building lease. Both cases involve a variable lease amount, and the contract period and conditions are flexible.

Outline of Properties Wanted

  Hotel MyStays and Flexstay Inn Monthly Resi Stays
(Fully-furnished apartments)
Area Cities designated by government ordinance Within Tokyo's 23 wards
Within 10 minutes' walk of the nearest station Within 10 minutes' walk of the nearest station
Scale Area 330m² or more ---
Number of Rooms 100 or more Approximately 50 to 150
Room Area Approximately 15m²
Approximately 20m²
Adjoining facilities Depends on location and scale ---

We provide extensive development support for new and existing hotels, as well as the conversion of offices and dormitories into hotels.

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