Properties Opened

2001 Flexstay Shinsaibashi Inn
(Currently: Flexstay Inn Shinsaibashi)
2004 Weekly Mansion Nihonbashi
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Nihonbashi)
2005 Weekly Mansion Machida
(Currently: Flexstay Inn Machida)
Weekly Mansion Shin-Urayasu
(Currently: Flexstay Inn Shin-Urayasu)
Hotel MyStays Maihama  
2006 Flexstay Kanda Inn
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Kanda)
Hotel MyStays Yokohama
2007 Hotel MyStays Ochanomizu
Conference Center
2008 Hotel MyStays Kyoto-Shijo MyStays Inn Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami)
MyStays Inn Sakaisuji-Honmachi
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Sakaisuji-Honmachi)
Hotel MyStays Fukuoka-Tenjin
2009 MyStays Shin-Urayasu Conference Center Hotel MyStays Hamamatsucho
MyStays Inn Kamata
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Kamata)
MyStays Inn Asakusabashi
(Currently: Hotel MyStays Asakusabashi)
2011 Nishi-Shinjuku Hotel MyStays  
2012 Monthly Resi Stays Nakano  
2013 Hotel MyStays Nagoya-Sakae Hotel MyStays Utsunomiya

New Developments

These properties have used our consulting services from land acquisition to planning, construction, specification and opening preparations.

Hotel Mystays Maihama

Hotel MyStays Maihama

Property Information The first hotel under the Hotel MyStays brand, this property comprises mainly twin and triple rooms. The hotel is equipped with massage chairs and foot massagers, and has a collection of 50 books for children and adults alike.
Number of Rooms 90
Year Opened 2005

Hotel Mystays Kyoto-Shijo

Hotel MyStays Kyoto-Shijo

Property Information Included in the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years, this hotel offers a variety of rooms, including special concept rooms with balconies and rooms that provide guests a taste of Japan.
Number of Rooms 224
Year Opened 2008

Mystays Shin-Urayasu Conference Center

MyStays Shin-Urayasu Conference Center

Property Information This hotel meets various seminar and leisure needs by providing 15 conference rooms as well as a shuttle bus to/from the Tokyo Disney Resort.
Number of Rooms 175
Year Opened 2009

Hotel Mystays Sakaisuji-Honmachi

Hotel MyStays Sakaisuji-Honmachi

Property Information This location offers hotel and apartment-style rooms, accommodating stays from a single night to more than a month.
Number of Rooms 190
Year Opened 2008

Conversions (Offices and Residential Complexes into Hotels)

The following buildings have been converted to hotels, breathing new life into existing buildings.

Hotel Mystays Otemae

Hotel MyStays Otemae

Property Information Converted from a residential complex to a hotel.
We converted dwelling units that had a building manager office, a warehouse, pilotis, an entrance and rooms ranging from studios to three- bedroom suites with living, dining and kitchen areas into a hotel property. Family-type rooms, which accommodate a large number of guests, have attracted more guests from overseas and led to an increase in earnings.
Number of Rooms 110
Year Completed 1986
Year Converted 2003
Noted Features Universally designed rooms are available.

Flexstay Inn Shin-Urayasu

Flexstay Inn Shin-Urayasu

Property Information This property was converted from a dormitory to a hotel.
We added hotel functions while cutting back on floor space and making the most of existing equipment. We have received extensive positive feedback for meeting the demands of guests on long business trips, as well as those on short holidays.
Number of Rooms 128
Year of Conversion 1991
Year Converted 2005
Noted Features Universal design rooms available.
Card key access to rooms.
Property Name Number of Rooms Year Converted Previous Use
Flexstay Inn Shirogane 84 2001 Offices
Flexstay Inn Nakanobu 56 2003 Residential Complex and Offices
Flexstay Inn Tamagawa 53 2003 Residential Complex
Flexstay Inn Higashi-Ueno 97 2003 Residential Complex

Renovations (Large Scale Refurbishments)

Large-scale renovations aim to improve the functionality and efficiency of an existing hotel that may have waned over time and update durability and compliance with safety standards.

Hotel MyStays Yokohama

ホテルマイステイズ横浜 ホテルマイステイズ横浜
Hotel Mystays Yokohama Hotel Mystays Yokohama
Property Information We reinforced the property, which now officially complies with relevant legislation on earthquake-resistant structures. We reinvented the property and improved its utilization rate and sales value by installing new air conditioning, plumbing and electrical equipment.
Number of Rooms 190
Year Completed 1978
Year Converted 2005
Noted Features Universal design rooms available.
We changed the location of the entrance, lobby and restaurant and transformed conference rooms into guest rooms.

Hotel MyStays Ochanomizu Conference Center

Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Conference Center Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Conference Center
Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Conference Center Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Conference Center
Property Information We refurbished this hotel, upgrading equipment and security, refining the interior and making over services. These changes boosted the property's utilization ratio and sales value.
Number of Rooms 142
Year Completed 1986
Year Converted 2007
Noted Features Card key-activated elevator.
We made over small banquet rooms into large conference rooms and offices.

Rebranding (Reinvention of Values)

Reinventing this previously obsolete property and its services has led to increased earnings.
We introduced branding strategies that raise the brand values over time.
We substantially augmented the property's utilization rate and sales value by upgrading hospitality. Other improvements are ongoing.

Year Before Rebranding After Rebranding Property
2011 Weekly Mansion Flexstay Inn Gotanda, Higashi-Ikebukuro and Nippori
  Weekly Mansion Monthly Resi Stays Takadanobaba and Nakanobu
2012 Weekly Mansion Flexstay Inn Kameido
2013 Weekly Mansion
Flexstay Inn
Hotel MyStays Gotanda, Nihonbashi, Kanda, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Akasaka, Ueno, Nippori, Asakusa, Otemae and Kameido
  MyStays Inn Hotel MyStays Asakusabashi, Kamata, Sakaisuji-Honmachi and Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami
  Weekly Mansion Flexstay Inn 18 Properties

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